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“Of all the single-club football histories, those from the roseate crew at Southampton are always the ones to relish.”

That is how the leading sportswriter, the late Frank Keating, has described the histories of Southampton FC that have been produced, in recent seasons, by Hagiology Publishing.



SAINTS AT WAR tells the story of what more than 400 of Southampton’s footballers did in the FIRST or SECOND World War (or, in a few cases, both).

The First World War stories include:

  • The many Saints who fought on the Western Front, where several were killed in action.
  • The local professional sportsmen, including two cricket-football all-rounders, who were posted to India, a safe haven where they played endless cricket.
  • The boy-soldier from Romsey, who developed, in India, into a record-breaking Saint.
  • The Saint who enlisted in the “Pompey Pals” battalion and was killed in action in France.
  • The Saints who fought the Turks in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and/or Palestine.
  • Those who played (mainly as “guests”) for the Saints while training horses at Swaythling or while working in the Woolston shipyards; in the Royal Flying Corps at Netheravon; or in a Hampshire hospital, from Netley to Brockenhurst.

The Second World War stories include:

  • The Saints who survived perilous naval convoys – to Malta or the Arctic.
  • The two Saints captured at Dunkirk, who became POWs together.
  • The Saint who fell at Arnhem, yards from the “Bridge Too Far”.
  • The Saint fatally torpedoed in the English Channel, while guarding a delivery of coal.
  • The young hopefuls who were killed flying, before they could make the first team.
  • The three ex-Saints who were killed in air-raids.
  • Those who played (whether as registered Saints or as guests) while working in a local aircraft factory – Follands (like Ted Bates) or Cunliffe-Owen – or while serving in the police, along with John Arlott.

If you are interested in the possibility of owning a copy of this book, with your name listed in it, then please e-mail your contact details (name, postal address, e-address and tel no(s)) to bull.hagiology@blueyonder.co.uk

Shortly before publication – in 2020, we hope – you will be contacted – with NO OBLIGATION – with details of the reduced price at which this book can be yours

This book will join 11 other Hagiology titles that remain in print, although the first four named below are now available only in a few bookshops and are no longer obtainable by mail-order from this site:

Match of the Millennium (pbk, 2000)
The Saints’ 100 Most Memorable Matches.

Full-Time at The Dell (pbk, 2001)
From Watty to Matty 1898-2001.

Constant Paine (hbk, 2008; pbk, 2009)
From Southampton Legend to South African Ambassador.

In That Number (hbk, 2003)
A post-war Chronicle of Southampton FC.

Dell Diamond (pbk, 2004)
Ted Bates' 66 seasons with the Saints.

Saints v Pompey (pbk, 2004)
A History of Unrelenting Rivalry.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon (hbk, 2006)
How The Saints Won The Cup.

Suited and Booted (hbk, 2012)
A snapshot of pre-war Southampton FC in pictures.

All the Saints (pbk, 2013)
A complete who's who of 1000+ first-team men from 1887 to 2013.

Match of the New Millennium (pbk, 2016)
The Saints' 100 Most Memorable Matches 2001-16.

Days Like These (pbk, 2017)
The Saints, month by month, on days like these

For further details of any of these books, CLICK on the appropriate title.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Constant Paine
Constant Paine
(hbk edn)
Constant Paine
Constant Paine
(pbk edn)
Suited And Booted

Suited and Booted

All the Saints

All the Saints

Match of the New Millennium

Match of the
New Millennium

Days Like These

Days Like These