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“Of all the single-club football histories, those from the roseate crew at Southampton are always the ones to relish.”

That is how the leading sportswriter, the late Frank Keating, has described the histories of Southampton FC that have been produced, in recent seasons, by Hagiology Publishing.


So why would a book on Southampton FC involve Hitler, Charlie Chaplin the IRA, a woman who had her throat slit while sleeping with her baby and Winston Churchill?

For that matter, what have the Saints got in common with badly-fitting false teeth, lost spectacles, fire crackers and tea-towel holders? And while we are about it, why did a Southampton player decide to chop off half his little finger (and no, we are not talking about Charlie George's unfortunate accident with his lawn-mower)?

All is revealed in DAYS LIKE THESE, a new book on the Saints that looks back at quirky trivia, strange coincidences, record-breaking feats and just plain bizarre stories that have taken place over the last 132 years, from the club's inception right up to and including the 2016-17 season.

Most of the tales inside this book have never been told or are long forgotten. Some are very recent. Others have come to light while researching the club's history. There was the Saint who rescued Real Madrid, the day the Saints beat an international side in their own back-yard, while Rickie Lambert went one step further than walking on water.

Why did the Irish stretcher bearers cause so much hilarity at a Saints game and what about the ref who officiated while sitting in the stands, not to mention the time a Saints forward was denied a goal because of a drain? And why did Ted Bates, Southampton's manager, offer to join a local 60s pop band?

Intrigued? It's all laid out on a day-by-day basis, illustrated by hundreds of unseen photos, resulting in the sort of book that once picked up won't be put down. Not in a hurry, anyway.

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This book joins ten other Hagiology titles that remain in print, although the first three named below are now available only in a few bookshops and are no longer obtainable by mail-order from this site:

Match of the Millennium (pbk, 2000)
The Saints’ 100 Most Memorable Matches.

Full-Time at The Dell (pbk, 2001)
From Watty to Matty 1898-2001.

Constant Paine (hbk, 2008; pbk, 2009)
From Southampton Legend to South African Ambassador.

In That Number (hbk, 2003)
A post-war Chronicle of Southampton FC.

Dell Diamond (pbk, 2004)
Ted Bates' 66 seasons with the Saints.

Saints v Pompey (pbk, 2004)
A History of Unrelenting Rivalry.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon (hbk, 2006)
How The Saints Won The Cup.

Suited and Booted (hbk, 2012)
A snapshot of pre-war Southampton FC in pictures.

All the Saints (pbk, 2013)
A complete who's who of 1000+ first-team men from 1887 to 2013.

Match of the New Millennium (pbk, 2016)
The Saints' 100 Most Memorable Matches 2001-16.

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Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Constant Paine
Constant Paine
(hbk edn)
Constant Paine
Constant Paine
(pbk edn)
Suited And Booted

Suited and Booted

All the Saints

All the Saints

Match of the New Millennium

Match of the
New Millennium

Days Like These

Days Like These